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Applied Agronomics Australia is your locally based, independent distributor of Floratine products to the commercial sports turf industry in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the southern Riverina area of New South Wales.

Floratine are market leaders in plant biostimulants. At Applied Agronomics, we believe nobody makes better quality liquid products.

Having worked with Floratine products for a number of years, Jim was keen to introduce them to the Australian turf industry, which he did in 2005.

Floratine has been instrumental in providing long term solutions to a wide range of sports turf issues and problems. These positive results can be seen in turf in bowling greens to race courses to sports stadiums across Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

We combine an in depth product knowledge with decades of hands on turf experience to provide the required results every time.

"Why do you buy that Floratine stuff ?"

"It gives me the results I want, every time"

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