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Applied Agronomics Australia

Applied Agronomics Australia Pty Ltd uses advanced agronomic science and products to enable sports turf managers achieve the healthiest turf possible. We take an environmentally progressive approach to building plant and soil health and sport.

Strong, healthy plants reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides , cutting input costs and reducing the use of products which can be harmful to the environment, staff and turf users.

Jim Brennan's extensive experience in agriculture, irrigation and sports turf began in the mid 1970's and has continued across a wide variety of climates and ecosystems around the world before setting up Applied Agronomics Australia. Jim's aim has always been to bring the latest and best science to the turf industry in an honest and ethical manner. 

We provide personalised case specific advice and product recommendations, aimed at making your turf healthier and your life easier. Our select range of goods are all premium quality products chosen for their efficiency and value for money 

"We won't sell you anything you don't need"
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