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Floratine provides the Ana-Lync proprietary soil evaluation system on an exclusive basis. This is one of the most accurate and comprehensive soil evaluations in the worldwide industry today.

Harris Labs is an accredited lab known to be one of the most accurate and consistent labs in the world. Testing starts with the standard exchangeable soil test. This checks the chemical components found in the soil sample by using chemical extraction to gather them. The soluble paste test is then used to extract nutrients using water as this is an accurate predictor of plant nutrient  availability. 

The results are forwarded for the Analyc soil evaluation system. This uses an extensive system of comparative databases to build a model which provides a complete picture of what is happening under your turf.

Jim then uses this analysis to personalise the science for your turf ensuring your get the best products for your turf. Advice and products customised to your needs keeps costs down but results up.

Ask today about a soil or water test. Using science based analysis to prove what's behind the issues saves money, time and the environment. 

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